How to setup Filelinked

How to setup Filelinked (code 74892642)

There are two apps I recommend you use to install any third-party apps on FireStick:

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer

Both these apps are available on Amazon Store and it takes only minutes to install them on FireStick. I am going to show the installation process using both the apps one by one. You can pick any one of the two you like.

However, before you get started, here is one little thing you need to take care of to allow installation of third-party apps on FireStick:

  • Click Settings from the home-screen of FireStick
  • Now click Device or MyFireTV (depending upon the device you are using)

how to install FileLinked on FireStick

  • Next, select Developer Options

filedlinked for firestick

  • If Apps from Unknown Sources is OFF, click it and turn it ON

filelinked firestick

  • Click Turn On to confirm your intent

firestick filelinked

Your FireStick or Fire TV device is all set to install FileLinked app.

Get FileLinked on FireStick via Downloader

Downloader is easily the most useful side-loading app for FireStick. You can download it from the Amazon Store.

Install Downloader and follow the steps below to download and install FileLinked app:

1. Run the Downloader app on FireStick

install filelinked on firestick

2. The home-screen will open with the Home tab preselected on the left. Go to the right and click the URL field

3. You should now see an on-screen keyboard. Enter the following URL:

Click GO when you are ready


4. Wait for the FileLinked APK to download. It usually takes no more than two minutes

firestick filelinked app

5. When the FileLinked APK file is downloaded, the Downloader app will run it and start the installation

Click Install button on the bottom right

download filelinked on firestick

6. Wait for the app to install. It takes about a minute

install filelinked on firestick

7. When FileLinked is installed, you see the App Installed confirmation on the screen. Go ahead and click Done (we will Open the app later)

install droidadmin on firestick

8. You must now see the following prompt on the Downloader window. Click Delete to delete the FileLinked APK file, which is no longer needed

filelinked vs droidadmin

9. Click Delete again

filelinked on firestick

You have successfully installed FileLinked app on FireStick using Downloader. You can run the app from the My Apps & Channels section.

Install FileLinked on FireStick Using ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is another app widely used to sideload apps on FireStick and other Android devices. But, ES Explorer is not just a sideloader. It is also an incredible File Manager.

Go ahead and install ES File Explorer from the Amazon Store (by selecting the search option on the FireStick home-screen and typing in the name of the app).

Once that’s done, follow the steps below to install FileLinked on FireStick using ES File Explorer:

1. Launch the ES File Explorer app

2. On the right side of the home-screen of ES File Explorer, where you see a bunch of icons, scroll down and click Downloader

firestick filelinked app

3. Now go to the bottom of the screen and click +New

how to install filelinked on firestick

4. You must now see a dialogue box with Path and Name Enter the following in these fields:

Name: FL (or any name you like)

Click Download Now when you are ready


5. Wait for ES File Explorer to download the FileLinked APK


6. When the download is finished, click Open file

install filelinked on firestick

7. Next, click Install when you see this prompt on the ES File Explorer window

add filelinked on firestick

8. Again, click Install when the following screen appears

install filelinked apk

9. Wait for the FileLinked app to install on FireStick. App Installed notification appears when it is done

firestick filelinked apk

10. Click Open to run the app right away. You may also click Done and run the app later

This is how you install FileLinked on FireStick using ES File Explorer app.

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